Thursday, May 7, 2015

Strategy to learn python for a beginner

 Complete the following books

1.Learn python the hard way[website][Download] or Think Python or tutorials point or new circle or cs 101from udacity or codecademy for python.

2.a. Python standard library by example[buy]
At first you don't understand some things,no probs leave  the things you don't understand and move on.You may just want to just read this article
Join  irc channel or create an account on stackoverflow.
But please don't ask any question(for atleast one week) just observe,out of enthusiasm we try ask some stupid question(which might already have a possible duplicate) and get downvoted. So my suggestion is to master the second book (mainly data structures and algorithms).
But you can ask specific question.
I've so and so problem and i tried
this is my following code.
Show them what you have coded,input and expected output. In this way your question is less likely to get downvoted.To get a better score try reading the answers to most frequently asked questions,because mostly the questions repaeat.
Try reading these answers

b. OOP is the most import like ... understanding classes,methods,constructors...
This is the best resource 1.New Circle 2. Mastering OOP

3.If you are intersted in competetive programming i suggest this book .or codeforcers(Hacker rank,Project euler,).By doing the problems here you'll get experience.

4. Python cookbook[This is the best book]
5. Algorithms and Data Structure in python   (i didn't complete this book myself so it's up to you) or buy Think Complexity 
While reading algorithms(if you don't understand for the first time don't panic.Pretend you understood move on.)
Check the following sites(visual-algo ,algo-viz)

With these four books done you'll become a novice to an avergae python programmer.
From here you need to select a specific domain like GUI development,Web development,big data,etc...
Many of them come with frame works
GUI ==> Tkinter,Pyside,PyQt
Select your domain and master a framework.

There are some earlier posts on this blog for resource you may check them.

Learn python for fun.The popular blog with questions and answers to the python.Solutions to facebookhackercup,codejam,codechef.The fun way to learn python with me.Building some cool apps.

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