Saturday, March 28, 2015

Directories structure in Ubuntu/Linux

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 /   "Root",the top of the file system

 /bin  Binaries and other executable programs

 /etc  System Configuration files

 /home      Home directories,if you have multiple users then you have different directories for different people

 /opt   Optional or third pirty software
 Ex:The editor i'm using is sublime text 3,which donot come bundled with ubuntu,so some of the third party
 softwares gets installed at /opt

 /tmp  Temporary space,typically cleared on reboot

 /usr   User related programs

 There will be sub directories inside these directories

 /var  Variable data like log files

Other directories

/boot  Files need to boot the operating system

/cdrom  Mount point for CD-ROMS

/dev  Device files,typically controled by the operating system and sys admins

/media  Mount removable devices

/mnt(used to mount external file systems),/proc(provides info about running process),/srv(contains data which is served by the system)

What to do with the info??

Just check these directories with ls -al command,see what files are in there...

just get an idea,don't panic....


The content below is optional.... You need not get into details

Application Data Structure

If you are from windows you would know all softwares would install @ 
C:\\Program files\software
C:\\Program Files(x86)\software ==> For a 32 bit
C:\\Program Files (x64)==> for a 64 bit
at custom location


Some external softwares in ubuntu get installed at

1. /usr/local/software

Inside the software you will have other directories (bin,etc,lib,log)

some install at

2. /opt/software

Inside the software you will have other directories (bin,etc,lib,log)

3. Google products get installed at

There are bunch of other ways that programs get installed

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