Saturday, March 28, 2015

MAN Command in ubuntu explained

man command revisited

man ls 

it displays huge output...
You need to hit enter to move down...but it does move only 1 line...
you use space,it displays page by page rather line by line.
use g to goto top of the page
use [shift+g] to move to down of the page.
q to quit

Environmental Variables == Storage location that has name and value.

==>Mostly uppercase names

PATH is one of the environmental variables.

echo $PATH (we have to use $ sign before the variable)


cam@hack3r:~$ echo $PATH

This will not be same for you;

they are different paths separated by ':'

Long back I've installed oracle java jdk and added to environmental variables.It's showing the path of jdk.

Why are there so many paths??

If you type a command then it is first searched in all the paths starting from /usr/local/sbin (this is for my laptop).
If the command typed by you is not in the path then it will display command not found.

which command 

You might want to know in "which" path does ls can find that by using wich command

which ls

cam@hack3r:~$ which ls
cam@hack3r:~$ which man

Note: Which doesn't work for builtins;so don't try it on cd


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