Thursday, April 30, 2015

Convert strings to tuple in python

#Strings to tuple

>>> myname='cam'
>>> tuple(myname)
('c', 'a', 'm')
>>> (myname,) #did you see the trailing comma after myname, ??

#Problem 1
mylist=["('good', 'buono')", "('afternoon', 'pomeriggo')"]

#my list contains two elements and  they are strings not tuples.

>>> from ast import literal_eval

>>> [literal_eval(i) for i in mylist]

[('good', 'buono'), ('afternoon', 'pomeriggo')]


#Input : ['aaa','bbb','ccc']

lst = ['aaa','bbb','ccc']
tpl_lst = [(i,) for i in lst]
>>> tpl_lst
[('aaa',), ('bbb',), ('ccc',)]

#problem 3

# Input : '1/2' ==> it's  a string
#output: (1,2)
>>> my_frac='1/2'
>>> my_frac.split('/')
['1', '2']

>>> my_frac = tuple(map(int, my_frac.split('/')))
>>> my_frac
(1, 2)

#problem 4

#Input: s = "a b c d"
#output1: [(a,a),(b,b),(c,c),(d,d)]
#output2:[(a, b), (b, c), (c, d)]

#Solution for output1

>>> s = "a b c d"
>>> w = s.split()
>>> w
['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']
#python 3.x
>>> list(zip(w,w))
[('a', 'a'), ('b', 'b'), ('c', 'c'), ('d', 'd')]

#python 2.7

>>> zip(w,w)
[('a', 'a'), ('b', 'b'), ('c', 'c'), ('d', 'd')]

#Solution 2:

#python 3.x
>>> list(zip(w,w[1:]))
[('a', 'b'), ('b', 'c'), ('c', 'd')]

#python 2.7

>>> zip(w,w[1:])
[('a', 'b'), ('b', 'c'), ('c', 'd')] 
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