Monday, April 13, 2015

Django Girls the best resource to learn Django for starters

I thought of learning django back in 2012,but back then it wasn't possible.
I wanted to learn Django downloaded couple of books,checked on quora and reddit.
At the end i've learned
1.Official Documentation is good.
2.Some suggested Test deriven Development using Django.(This is by far best but it takes time.This is the hard way of learning Django but if you were a beginer then  suggest start with django girls)
3.Tango with Django
4.Django-girls(Intutively i could understand but after reading this i got a basic idea of django.From here i would take up TDD using django.)
5.Hellowebapp (Dont know but seems promisng).
There's a sub on reddit

Download Django-girls book

 The above four are upto date(Django v1.7 and v1.8),rest of the tutorials are based on django v1.5.
I started with TDD with Django but it's taking time so i skipped it.Then I tried Tango with django,then official documentation.I skipped them half way.
I completed Django-girls within (1-2hrs).It depends on your pace.You may want to skip some parts like installing app on heroku just work locally.

Basic Skills you may require

1. Basic understanding of HTML and CSS (No probs if you don't know the book will guide you.)
2. Basic python(if,for loops,functions and classs).
3. Regular Expressions(this is not a requirement) .

I don't have a proper internet connection so relying on pdfs . I want to learn quick,atleast make my own blog and then improvise writing other apps.So i tried Django girls.It worked fine.
There is a sub on reddit

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