Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Understanding staticmethod classmethod Decorators

I've been using python from a while but and i've came across these terms but didn't find them where to use.I've been learning Java for a while,now suddenly all these python terms started to make a sense.

class Hello(object):
 """Understanding @staticmethod, @classmethod decorators"""

 def main(i):
  """ Using @staticmethod decorator.There is no self argument"""
  print("I'm inside main method which has @staticmethod decorator")

 def func2(self,i):
  """ using @classmethod You need to provide a self argument """
  print("I'm inside func2 method which has @classmethod decorator")

 def func3(self,i):
  print("I'm inside func3 method which has no decorator  so to acess func3 I need to create an instance of Hello class to access the methods of Hello class")
Hello.main(1) #didn't create any instanc of Hello class,yet able to access the methods 
#Hello.func3(1) ==> This will be an error. General way to acess methods is to create an instance of object 
hello_object = Hello() # Created an instance of Hello class

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