Thursday, April 2, 2015

Renaming and Moving files ,directories in ubuntu

Moving/Renaming Files and Directories


mv       Move or rename files & Directories.

mv source destination

mv -i source destination

To get better understanding.
Create two files and two directories on your Desktop.

files --file1 file2

directories -- blog-promotion backup 

File Renaming

cam@hack3r:~/Desktop$ mv file1 file2

It renamed file1 --> file2 but there's file with same name so it is deleted.

A File moving into a Directory.

cam@hack3r:~/Desktop$ mv file2 backup

This command moves file2 into backup Directory.

A Directory being moved into a Directory

cam@hack3r:~/Desktop$ mv backup blog-promotion

This moves backup folder into blog-promotion.Since both are in Desktop directory we ddn't specify any path.

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