Thursday, April 2, 2015

Copying files and directories in ubuntu

Copying Files and Directories


cp file1 file2             Copy contents of file1 to file2   

cp file1 file2 file3 dir1  Copy file1,file2,file3 to dir1

cp -r dir1 dir2            copy dir1 contents to dir2.

You can use cp -i file1 file2 for interactive mode.
For copying directories cp -r is a must.

Explaining Screenshot.

cd Desktop

Changes my directory to Desktop.

nano file1

creates a file called file1.You enter some info.Once you are done press (ctrl+o) followed by hitting enter and lastly
ctrl+x to exit

To create a file named file1
[nano file1 --> fill some info --> ctrl+0 -->hit enter-->ctrl+x ]

cat file1

It displays the contents of file1

cp file1 file2

It creates a new file called file2 in the same directory with the contents of file1.

[* Here we didn't give any path,we just gave two file names.what if we want to copy file1 to another directory.
In that case use full paths. 
cp source-file destinatio-file
cp /home/cam/Desktop/file1 /home/cam/file2 
The above command copies file1 which is on my Desktop to my cam diectory which is in home ]

mkdir blog-promotion

It creates a new directory called blog-promotion on my Desktop.

cp file1 file2 blog-promotion

copies both file1 and file2 to a folder or directory called blog-promotion.

ls blog-promotion

shows all files and directories inside blog-promotion.

cd .. 

Takes me to previous directory.

skipping to end.

cp -i 

Before replacing a file which already exists it will ask you...that's called interactive

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